?Lets get this going!!
these are great! make me feel happy inside!
SHERI SCHONGOLDFunny Doggies to Boost Your Mood 28 days ago
These are adorable.
Made us laughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I was just thinking the same thing. What happened?...
Tamara Ann HamiltonFunny Memes About Dogs on the Plane You Just Shoul... 1 month ago
Tamara Ann HamiltonA Bunch of Cuties for You Pleasure 1 month ago
This set of goodies is the best I've seen in quite...
DebTop Funny Morning Memes 1 month ago
I love the onion one but that is just my opinion.
Margaret DalyCat Pics You Need to See This Evening 1 month ago
please only download able patterns. No PhD account...


I like cats. We have one male who is a light tan with slightly darker tiger rings on his tail. He is 8 years young and keeps us entertained with his crazy antics as well as his cuteness. He sure knows how to manipulate nana when it comes to getting his morning treats. As my new tee shirt states: "Who needs an alarm clock? I have a cat!"

My son also a black & tan miniature Dachshund who is 10 years young( although we call her a fat sausage). You can always find her begging for people food.  She acts like a puppy. She hates the cold as well as rain and snow.

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